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If you have met the Great Swandoodle then the best way to instroduce Sweet DreameezZ is as its slightly smaller sibling. These muslins come in dark colours, but are made from the same super soft bamboo, a hygienic fabric that conforms to NHS protocols on infection control and safety. They are supremely soft, which is important as babies’ experiences are completely sensory based due to the way their brains develop. They can be used as a very light blanket, as a window shade for a blackout effect (but not a pram shade, as whilst bamboo is breathable the temperature will still rise and the airflow will be restricted). or for swaddling as long as this is done with care to ensure that development of the hip, sleep safety and breastfeeding (where applicable) is protected. Feeling contained in a swaddle can help to recreate the familiar sensation of the womb surrounding them and this technique can be used in conjunction with other calming influences such as scents, and white noise.

Bamboo is also highly absorbent making it great for mopping up spills and as a coverall burping cloth!


Cuski would like you to meet Sweet DreameezZ!!  A large black square made from 100% luxury bamboo rayon muslin. Wrap around baby to keep warm when cold or cool when too hot, bamboo is temperature regulating.
The perfect multi-tasking item for busy mummies & daddies to use with their babies – unique shawl, swaddle, nursing cover, scarf, light wrap 
The new ‘Man Muslin’ one daddies are calling ‘Cool’ to use with their babies !
Made from natural breathable anti-bacterial bamboo muslin
Portable so can be stuffed into any bag, or you could even wear it as a shawl or sarong!
Fully machine washable (at 30°c) we would recommend using a non-bio washing powder.
Supplied in a gorgeous gift box.
Size: 120cm x 120cm
Ethically made in Turkey


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