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Mini Swandoodles are the size of most muslins you have encountered, but, like their giant friend, the great Swandoodle they are made of super soft, highly absorbent bamboo, and they too come in funky colours and designs.

Bamboo is a hygienic fabric that conforms to NHS protocols on infection control and safety. They are supremely soft, which is important as babies’ experiences are completely sensory based due to the way their brains develop. They can be used as a comforter, or snuggle blanket, as they are breatheable, so do not pose a smothering risk in a baby’s sleep space

Bamboo is also highly absorbent making it great for mopping up spills and as a burping cloth!


New Mini Swandoodles

Stars and stripes plus 2 solid colours

The most beautiful muslins you will ever find!
!00% luxuriously silky bamboo muslins
Perfect for:

Burping shoulder cover to protect clothing
Bib for feeding times
Shade for little legs in the sun when out in the pram
Place under baby on the changing mat to avoid chill
Comforter for those babies who don’t have a Cuski!
Bandana/ headband for baby, mummy and cool dads!
Make shift nappy/ diaper IN AN EMERGENCY
Changing cover, especially for little boys! Oops!
Window shade whilst travelling
General wipe it all
Playing Peek-a-boo!
Easily washed and softens with each wash
Wash at 30 degrees, please iron after wash & dry to retain softness

Made in Turkey
Size 60 x 60cm each
Pack of 4

*Also used in UK hospitals ~ Muslin Mini Swandoodles are used with the babies in cots and incubators. They are used under the infants head to catch posits and vomits. They minimise over handling and the need to change bedding completely due to such incidents happening. Preterm infants are very prone to such events as they gradually learn to tolerate milk feeds.


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