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Why we love newborn carrying

man carrying newborn in ring sling carrier
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Why we love newborn carrying

man carrying newborn in ring sling carrier
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Have you got a new baby? Has someone been telling you that you need to get this carrier or that sling? Or have you heard that carrying newborn babies makes them clingy? Want to know why carrying a newborn can be great? Read on for a whole host of reasons why slings are a valuable tool for new parents.

Newborn carrying is practical

  • Newborn carrying is practical. It is much easier to do everyday tasks with both hands free!
  • Sometimes a pushchair can’t go where you want to go, but if you can get there, a sling can too
  • It’s easier to eat and drink when your baby is settled in a sling!
  • It can be a great tool for meeting the needs of multiple children, one in a sling and one out or event two in a sling

Building the relationships

  • Carrying in slings can help new parents bond with their new baby
  • Carrying your newborn baby can assist in establishing a breast/chest feeding relationship
  • It can help other family members build early bonds with the baby, for example, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings… everyone can have a go
  • Carrying in sling can help you understand your baby’s cues because you are able to observe them easily and come to recognise their cues. As you see cues earlier, you also respond to them more quickly. Not only is this great for your baby, but feeling in tune with them helps you to grow in confidence as a parent too
  • There is evidence that carrying can help parents with perinatal mental health conditions to bond with their children and benefit from the oxytocin release

Benefits for babies’

  • Close carrying, or skin to skin can help regulate a baby’s temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate
  • It can help your baby’s development of language and social skills because they are close to you and can be easily involved in conversations
  • Newborn carrying can help babies sleep more and for longer periods
  • Carrying in a sling can help settle babies with reflux who need to remain upright after feeding
  • Fussy or colicky babies are often easier to soothe with motion and a sling can help with this

Keeping everyone calm

  • Carrying in slings meets a baby’s need to feel safe and secure, helping develop independence and resilience in the long term
  • Carried babies often cry less, so everyone is calmer.
  • It can help babies feel safe in a new and overwhelming world

Last but not least

  • Carrying can give parents a new skill to learn, also sling meets provide opportunities to meet other parents
  • Sling use makes it easier for families to get out and about and move more
  • Finally, the cuddles are generally just lovely 🙂

The carrying section of our Knowledge hub is packed with articles containing everything you need to begin to carry your baby.

Would you like to read about different types of slings and carriers available, what’s the ‘best’ sling for a newborn or get some help choosing?

If you’d like any help at any point on your sling journey, why not get in touch by email, or call us on 01133 206 545 to book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation or a longer phone or video consultation. We can help you find the right sling for your situation

Meanwhile, find out more about slings, carriers and carrying in the carrying section of our Knowledge hub

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