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Wompats are stunningly beautiful and amazingly comfortable. The convenience of a buckle carrier – with the prettiness of a wrap. Handmade by the same craftsperson from start to finish from your favourite Girasol wrap – they are a one of a kind buckle carrier. It’s A Sling Thing are the best place to get your Wompat in the UK, either in stock with free delivery or custom made exactly how you want it really competitive prices.

These Wompats are available to buy. If you would prefer to rent first, check out our Wompats available to rent.

These Wompats are in stock with us in the UK and ready for immediate dispatch via FREE first class recorded mail.



We offer four sizes of Wompat carrier: baby, medium, toddler and pre-school. The age and size recommendations are average estimations. If you can’t decide between two sizes, please think about when do you need it the most: do you need the carrier right now or maybe a little later. If you need it now, the smaller size is probably right for you. But if you want to be able to use the carrier as long as possible, then you might want to choose a bigger size. We offer all sizes to rent and this can be a good way to decide what size you need.

  • Baby size (4/6-18 months, clothing size (EU) 68/74-86): Height 38 cm, width 38 cm
  • Medium size (1-3 years, clothing size 86-92): height 41 cm, width 41 cm
  • Toddler size (2-4 years, clothing size 92-98): height 45 cm, width 45 cm
  • Pre-school size (3-5 years, sizes 98-104/110): height 50 cm, width 50 cm

The standard length of the shoulder strap is 39 cm (the padded corduroy part) and this is suitable for most average sized parents. If you wish to order a custom strap length please get in touch

The standard length of the waist band is 62 cm (padded cordoroy part). This waist band size is suitable for about 68 – 120 cm waist / hip. So the tightest setting is 68cm and the largest setting 120 cm. If you wish to order a custom waist length please get in touch



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