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This workshop is around Toddler Behaviour and will begin on October 14th 2019. The workshop will take place entirely online, in a secret Facebook group. Places are per family and are £45

If you’re struggling with your toddler’s behaviour and aren’t sure how best to manage it, this workshop will give you some new ideas.

We’ll help you to understand:

  • Your toddler’s brain development and why they behave the way they do
  • The effects that different parenting approaches can have on toddler behaviour
  • Helpful tips and techniques for managing tricky situations 
  • Frameworks that support you in creating your own solutions for parenting​

When the course starts you will gain access to a secret Facebook group. During the first few days you will get to know other attendees, and discuss some of the topics we will be covering. At the end of the first week there will be two live interactive sessions which you can join in watching. Then you will have another week to review the videos, ask any final questions and wrap it all up together. The timetable will be

  • October 14th – Group Opens
  • October 14th – 17th – Group Discussions
  • October 18th 8pm – 1st Live Session: the science!
  • October 20th 8pm – 2nd Live Session: the tools!
  • October 21st – 26th  – Questions answered and group remains open to replay lives
  • October 26th – Group closes and resources will be emailed

This workshop is for you if

  • You are the parent of a baby who is 1- 5 years old
  • You want great, clear information about what affects toddler behaviour
  • You want to understand the pros and cons of the most commonly suggested toddler behaviour approaches
  • You want to understand a range of tools you can use to support your family

This workshop is NOT for you if

  • You are the parent of a newborn or baby. This workshop concentrates on toddler behaviour – look out for our other workshops which may be more suitable
  • You want a quick fix to change your toddler’s behaviour or sleep. This workshop will help you understand WHY toddlers behave the way they do, and some tools which can help you support them. It is not about changing things quickly

The workshop will include some discussions, the two live sessions and some follow up resources. It does not include one-to-one work with families other than answering questions about the workshop content, but if you feel that this would be beneficial to your family, we can also arrange a private consultation for you. We will be available in the group for a limited time each day to help the discussions and to answer queries! If you wish to get the most out of this workshop then get involved in the discussions and join in the lives!


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