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This ToddlerCalm Relaxation CD uses Alphamusic, which is music set to 60bpm; the same as the resting heartrate. It is specially engineered to encourage your child’s brainwaves into alphamode which is the state of deep relaxation. Using this regularly can condition your child to associate it with sleep as well as it actually inducing sleepiness. As part of a sleep ritual is an excellent way to cue them positively that it is bedtime. Bedtime rituals are totally individual to each family so we recommend a combination of calm sensory stimulation using sound, smell and touch particularly as well as movement and a deep sense of connection (could be through stories or songs). Other products such as our Cuskiboo comforters.


  • Calms hyperactive toddlers
  • Helps tired toddlers to get to sleep more easily
  • Can help to reduce night waking when used as part of a bedtime routine
  • Relaxing for the whole family


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