This is a sentimental sale. This was custom made for my first baby and the pictures show him in it, it was used for a few months and I get it out to look at a lot, but a carrier is supposed to carry babies, so it is time for someone else to give it a new home. There is no fading, marks or wear. It was made in December 2014.


The SnugiWraps Classic Mei Tai for is a simple meh dai tie on panel carrier. This  size is suitable for babies 4 months – 2 years old, to a maximum of 15kg.

The top straps on the Classic Mei Tai are 80″ long and 4″ wide. They’re padded where they meet the body panel. The waist straps are 35″ long, 4″ wide, and padded where they meet the body panel.

The body panel is made from 100% cotton. All straps are made from black cotton twill as standard. There is a pixie hood.


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