More Than Just Slings

SlingyRoo bags are made from baby wrap fabric which are diagonally elastic. The strap is 20 cm wide and it distributes the weight evenly over the shoulder and the upper back. The standard length for the strap is 150 cm. The strap is long enough to be worn over the baby, too!

You can wear the bag in several different ways and the bag can be used with a baby wrap or other baby carriers. The strap can be adjusted with small aluminium rings.

You can wear the SlingyRoo bag traditionally like a ring sling over the other shoulder and the wide strap runs across your back. It is easy to swing the bag also to your back or front, if you carry the baby on your back. The bag can be tied around your waist or hips and of course you may carry it on one shoulder like a normal purse. You can also carry the SlingyRoo on your back and wear the strap across your chest. This style is very shoulder friendly and it’s perfect, if you have any neck pain. It is advisable to tighten the strap well and wear the bag close to your body. If the bag is not very heavy, you may even tie the strap over the baby! Please read the instructions for use to find more ways to wear the bag!

The SlingyRoo bag is quite spacious: 45 cm wide and 30 cm high. The bag can be closed with a button and inside you can find a small pocket. SlingyRoo bags are made in Finland by hand.

The standard SlingyRoo comes with one strap that is 1,5m long. There is a pair of small sling rings at the opposite side of the bag. The standard bag is great to wear like a ring sling – the strap across your body and over the baby.

The two-strap SlingyRoo comes with two 1,5m long straps and there is ring fixed on each side of the bag. This bag is great for back pack style carries and you can even wear low on your back while carrying the baby on the back.


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