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Balance bikes are an excellent way to help your child develop competencies in  a logical order. Learning to balance and steer before learning to pedal removes much of the strain of learning to ride a bike and when they are ready they will take to a pedal bike so much more quickly for being already equipped with these core competencies.


The Original Balance Balance Bike from Prince Lionheart is an excellent way to introduce your child to the joy of bikes. It helps to teach young children balance, steering and coordination and eases the transition to a traditional two-wheeled cycle. The propulsion of the bike is under the child’s control and there are no pedals and so nothing but the steering and balance to concentrate on. The bike has a cushioned height adjustable seat that grows and real air tyres (compatible with standard cycle pumps). This bikes gives a quiet, comfortable and smooth ride.


  • Great first bike
  • Teaches balance, coordination and steering
  • Encourages independence and self-confidence
  • Birch wood frame
  • Solid rubber handgrips
  • Height adjustable, padded seat
  • 12 inch rubber tyres


  • Seat height (lowest setting) – 37cm
  • Handlebar height – 55cm
  • Overall length – 88cm
  • Handlebar width – 39cm
  • Seat width – 11cm

Age suitability: 2 years and up

Product weight: 4.5kg (10 pounds)


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