The Preschool Tula is here! So many love the Toddler Tula and now the bigger version for bigger kids can be yours!

The Preschool Tula is aimed at children aproximately age 4 and above, and can carry much older children. We’ve used the carrier with 7 year olds! You can read more in our review here.

What Tula Say

Extra large carrier panel
Taller and wider panel to hold growing children
Supportive Design
Reinforced structure with additional strategic layers and stitching
Adjustable, padded shoulder straps
Provides optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers
Multiple ergonomic positions
Back carry and front carry options to provide a natural, ergonomic position best for long term, comfortable carrying
Easy-to-adjust design
Multiple adjustment capabilities to find your perfect fit for wearing your growing child. Can be used between 35 – 70 pounds (beginning when the child is in 3-4 trousers)

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