This is part of our Try Before You Buy scheme. Please remember to purchase your deposit

If you choose to keep this carrier at the end of the trial period, there will be a balance of £60 to pay.

Why We Love It: The MiniMonkey Twin is one of the only carriers which allows you to carry two babies on the front at once. It has a simple design which is easy to put on and use.

It is easier perhaps to get to grips with than a wrap, and suitable from when babies are still very small, so can be used to tandem carry before other buckle carriers.

What They Say: The MiniMonkey TWIN Carrier is an ergonomic carrier that supports your babies in a comfortable, safe and hip development healthy position.

With a buckled waist strap, a comfy cross on your back to spread the weight, shoulder straps you can spread or fold for maximum user comfort, this has many of theadvantages of wrapping, but with the speedier to put on benefit of a buckle carrier. Each twin is positioned in a separate pouch, which is connected to the waistband, so there is no possibility of dropping out, and the inner of the pouch is raised to bring the babies’ knees up, and drop the bottom.

Advertised as suitable from newborn to 12kg each.

You can wear one child at a time in this carrier too.

This carrier is also available to purchase

If you would like to read more and see our Tips and Tricks on using your MiniMonkey TWIN then check out our article Spotlight on the MiniMonkey TWIN Carrier


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