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It can be a bit draughty for parents and babies in slings, and fluffy scarves can cause issues if they pose a risk of babies’ faces being covered which can make it more difficult to monitor their airways. These keep both parents’ necks warm and babies’ heads, necks and chests warmly tucked up.



What Lenny Lamb say

Turtleneck for two is an ideal product for a parent and a baby on those cold wintery days, and the perfect amount of warmth for those babywearing walks! The turtleneck is composed of 2 halves that can be detached from one another, and is made from very good quality thick and warm fleece. Baby’s half perfectly covers baby’s head, ears, neck, and chest. Baby’s hood detaches and the remaining adult half make a great neck warmer for the wearer.


Size is standard with regulation, so the turtleneck fits both babies and toddlers.


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