The JPMBB ring sling is one of a kind! It’s called La Petite Echarpe Sans Noeud (or PESN) in French, which meanLittle Wrap Without a Knot and it’s a personal favourite for so many reasons.

They are made of new fabric specially developed for babywearing, it’s comfortable, easier to use than a traditional ring sling, suitable for hot weather as well as cooler weather and feels lovely and soft against yours and baby’s skin. It moulds to both your shoulder and baby’s body for a lovely supportive carry.

JPMBB ring slings are made to be reversible to a different colour using Oeko-Tex 100 certified dual layers of viscose, giving them the unique Je Porte Mon Bebe look.

They have an optional leather padded ring cover that means that you don’t see the rings and baby can’t chew them!

This ring sling has a gathered shoulder. Although it is a very personal choice, this is a style that suits most people. With a gathered shoulder you are able to get a good spread of fabric across your shoulder and back which means that the weight of your child is evenly distributed.


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