Why We Love It

It’s a more  affordable option from one of our favourite brands – JPMBB. Although it doesn’t have the same dense feel of the JPMBB original wrap and is only stretchy in two directions instead of three, its a great wrap for the price and comes in some very funky designs. The JPMBB wrap can be pre-tied prior to putting baby in, even for bigger babies, so this is a great wrap for beginners too.

Product Description

The “Basic” baby sling meets a wish we had a long time ago: to offer a high-quality wrap carrier, at a pricesuitable for young families and budgets that cannot take advantage of the JPMBB original wrap, and all it offers.
With the Basic, everyone can now try carrying without the budget issues.
The BASIC is also for parents who do not feel the need to have all the versatility and comfort of the Original JPMBB wrap, but who nevertheless want to experience the adventure and benefits of carrying.
n “french terry” jersey, cotton and elastane for great softness and a fleece look while being airy, especially in summer. With the Basic Knot, put and take Baby out of the sling without undoing the knot. Convenient and fast!
BASIC accompanies you from birth allowing you  to have your hands free, while enjoying the proximity of baby and respecting their physiology. Width.50 cm , length. 460cm. OekoTex 100 fabric.



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