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If you buy a Try Before You Buy Product you will also need to buy the £40 deposit. This is refundable should you return the carrier

If you decide to keep the Integra Print Size 2 there will be an outstanding balance to pay of £25 for an Essentials, £30 for a Print or £65 for a Tweed

Why We Love It

From experienced carrier designer and sling consultant Sarah Sadler, comes the new Integra. With bags of unstructured, snuggly goodness, the addition of Dual adjust buckles, which allows you to pull in the direction most comfortable for you whether using the carrier in a front or a back carry, a reinforced neck support on the hood, and a little loop to attach that accessory strap so you need never lose one again!

The shoulder straps are lightly padded and can be worn backpack style or crossed over. The gorgeous prints can be reversed to plain cotton and you can even rethread the buckles so they are easy to adjust no matter which way round you wear it. It has a flat hood that folds into the carrier itself and also features a removable chest strap.

Lightweight and easy to fold to store in the car, in a bag or under your pram. We love how easy the Integra is.

Integra Sizing Guide


Ideal for: older babies and toddlers
Suitable for: suits all sizes of people
Carries: ideal for front carries and back carries, also possibly hip carries
Material: cotton
Special features: dual adjust buckles, accessory strap that can be used to narrow the base of the carrier and a handy loop to keep it safe, crossable shoulder straps
Body panel: no padding, gently contoured at top
Width of main panel: approx. cm / inches
Length of main panel: approx. cm / inches
Waist: no padding, two way adjustable waist belt
Minimum waist setting: approx. 42 cm / 16 inches
Maximum waist setting: approx. 144 cm / 56 inches
Shoulder straps: light padding for 36 cm/ 14 inches, can be worn back pack style or crossed
Minimum shoulder strap setting: approx. 50 cm / 20 inches
Maximum shoulder strap setting: approx. 108 cm / 42 inches
Hood: flat hood that folds away into the carrier itself
Chest strap: separate accessory strap that can be used as a chest strap or to narrow base of carrier
Reversible: yes, to plain black
Manufacturer’s weight guidelines: Up to 24kg / 53lbs

Weight 0.8 kg

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Integra Size 2


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