Come on, lets hunt for my imagination!

Act out this family favourite story with our full sensory Story Sack experience. Including the book, puppets and props for the story, a Story Sack can bring a whole new dimension to story time.

Our Story Sacks are designed to not only help bring the story to life for your child but to engage the senses with different textures, colours and sounds for you to explore together. Each Story Sack comes with an activity sheet full of ideas to explore the book further in your family.

Our Story Sacks are also available for rental and as part of our Story Sack Club if you want to try all of the range!

This Story Sack is a very small limited run so grab yours now!

Included in our Eva’s Imagination Story Sack

  • Eva’s Imagination by Wendy Shurety book
  • A toy dog
  • A toy snake
  • cotton wool
  • a wooden spoon
  • yellow welly shapes
  • a toy cat
  • treasure
  • vines
  • a toy lizard
  • toy trees
  • a toy rabbit
  • leaves
  • torch
  • A CalmFamily Activity Sheet with ideas to explore the book further

Items in the sack may differ slightly from the image


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