This offer is for a half-price Close Caboo when you buy it with the Caboo DX Go.

Why we love it:

This is great for people who are wanting to move on to a buckled carrier, but without losing the comfort and softness of a stretchy. The Close Caboo DX Go has the structure of a buckled carrier with the softness of a Caboo. The shoulder straps are secured and tightened by rings, and the waist is secured with a buckle.




*Elasticated chest strap for additional comfort with padded shoulder and waist straps

*Hood provides excellent head and neck support at all ages and stages and full shade coverage for little ones

*Baby is held high in the ‘frog-legged’ position, which naturally places less weight and strain on developing hips

*The convexed leg gusset and flexibility of the fabric allows maximum knee to knee support later on whilst avoiding over spreading in little ones

*Neatly packs away into the clever little bag discreetly hidden away behind the zip, making it small and light enough to pop into your change bag

*Weight range 6.5kg – 20kg (approx) (6-36 months)





Caboo DX Go



Close Caboo Carrier


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