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This is a listing for a Beco Toddler on Try Before You Buy including the refundable deposit. On our Try Before You Buy scheme you can be sent a brand new carrier and try it out for two weeks. If you love it then you can pay the balance at the end, or if not you can return it and receive a refund of your deposit. The balance to pay on the Beco Toddler would be £60

Great brand with newly designed big kid carrier!

The Beco brand has been around for years, and have now produced a new carrier just for toddlers! The patterns are stunning, and we’re sure they”ll be as well loved as their smaller sized counterparts!

Product Description

Designed like the Beco Soleil, the Toddler is a large carrier specifically designed to carry large toddlers and pre-schoolers children, starting from around 18 months. The carrier has PFAs (Perfect Fit Adjusters), a 18″ x 19.5″ body to provide support for even the sleepiest toddler and also a built-in pocket on the waist belt for all your mom necessities.

The Beco Toddler comes complete with snap-on hood, a zip-close storage bag and a matching storage sack. The only thing you might want to add are Beco’s Teething Pads to keep your little drool monster from leaving wet marks on your gorgeous carrier!

  • Age: 18 months+
  • Weight Range: 20-60 lbs
  • 18″ wide and 19.5″ tall
  • Parent Fit: Small – XXL
  • Carrier Weight: 1.99 lbs
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Carrying Positions Front Carry (facing-in), Back Carry, Hip Carry


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