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aby Cup First Cups are small, handleless cups with no lids that are the perfect fit for little hands. Allowing little ones to use an open cup from the start is not only possible, it’s ideal. Even babies who are just weaning can use these cups and if they spill, there is only a small amount of liquid to clear. Little tummies don’t need big amounts of water. The baby cup allows babies and toddlers to develop the skills they’ll need in the future right from the start and using them at family mealtimes means they will feel comforted seeing their adults using the same skills and learn from their modelled behaviour. Baby Cups come in packs of four colours which also means that children can be given some choice, and allowing young children some control over their lives and involving them in decisions helps to develop a collaborative approach your relationship and to help them feel calmer. The measurements on the side mean that these cups can also be helpful for those cup-feeding either expressed milk or formula top-ups. No need to be concerned about the possibility of nipple confusion with these and your can look on in amazement when your baby laps milk from it just like a kitten. Cute.


  • The First Cup that Dentists and Orthodontists recommend
  • Loved by parents and perfectly-sized for little ones’ hands and mouths
  • Encourages sipping, better for oral health, helps fine motor skills
  • Mini open cups for weaning 6m+ (Also suitable for mini sips from 4m+ and for cup-feeding infants)
  • Non-toxic, BPA free, phthalates free; durable; dishwasher safe; steam steriliser safe
  • Guarantee! We want you to love your Babycup First Cups. If you don’t, send them back and we’ll refund your purchase cost


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