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These harnesses are the more robust of the only two harnesses approved for safe use in car seats in the UK. All other additions (other than these and the BeSafe) are deemed an unsafe addition to car seats. At CalmFamily we consider safety as paramount because keeping our precious babies safe is one of 3 key roles we have as parents (ask us about the other two sometime). With this product you can feel calm and reassured that your little escape artist is secure and in their safety seat where you left them, leaving you free to drive and sing along to your favourite tunes. Sadly they do not quieten your child. We can’t have it all.


At last, there is a simple, safe solution to prevent children from slipping their arms out of their car seat harness. It simply fills in the gap at the side where the child would normally squeeze their hand through and stops the problem occuring. It doesn’t interfere with the harness mechanism, it takes just 20 seconds to fit, its simple safe and brilliant. If you have ever driven a car with an escaping child in the back seat you will appreciate just how brilliant this product is.
Available in two sizes:- 15-30 months 30 months – 4


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