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Parent education questions

Our education programmes, BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm, are delivered by our highly trained consultants. We have trained consultants all over the UK and in more than ten international countries throughout Europe, the USA, UAE, and more. Click on “Find a class” in the main menu where you can view consultants by region or search our map.

We are a growing community of educators, and the demand for more consultants is high. If you are interested in training, or know someone who is, please take a look at our training school pages.

Our consultants run their own individual business and so prices vary depending on the location and the consultant.  Our consultants set their own prices so you will need to contact the specific consultant in your local area, or whose online session you want to attend for a specific price. 

However, in general pricing for group workshops is within the range £35-£70.  Course pricing usually begins at £75-£150.  This is based on UK pricing. Consultants working in other currencies aim to set prices within a similar value range in line with local income ranges. Privately arranged groups and one-to-one consultation requests are welcome.  You may contact your local consultant directly, or enquire with HQ by contacting us on to arrange a private group course or workshop 

We, as a community, want to reach all parents so if you are concerned about cost, please contact your local consultant who will try to help you. 

We are also looking to offer part-funded places in exceptional financial circumstances, through a community fund in the future. Please contact us on if you would like more information.

You can find the courses or workshops currently listed by our consultants by visiting our “Find support” page. Here you can view support available by programme; BabyCalm or ToddlerCalm, or by consultant location. Many of our consultants are offering online workshops and courses, as well as in person courses.. 

Individual consultants may also take enquiries for courses and workshops and run a session when they gather sufficient interest. It is always worth letting them know if you would like to attend a certain session.

As a general guide, young babies (those who aren’t yet mobile) are welcome in all of our classes. BabyCalm sessions are largely created on the understanding that parents will be attending with their baby/ies.

We usually discourage parents from bringing their toddlers, or older children to any of our sessions for a few important reasons. Parents attending our sessions are usually seeking support with an aspect of their child’s behaviour other relationship with their child. It is important that parents be able to express themselves freely, and say the taboo things they need to get off their chest. It would be inappropriate for this to happen in front of those children. That could lead to feelings of shame and rejection. However, without the emotional containment that parents get from being able to offload, they cannot move on and work to find solutions.

Toddlers and children cannot be expected to sit still, or play in self contained ways for the length of our workshops. Quite rightly, they need someone to attend to their needs in that period. This means that parents bringing their toddlers would be unable to get as much out of sessions as they otherwise might.

 Consultants offer online sessions which can work well for parents for whom finding childcare is difficult. This means parents are often able to attend sessions in evenings, after children are in bed, or can attend in environments where they can get privacy to express their feelings without being overheard by children.

Some consultants do allow toddlers or older children to attend in certain circumstances, and private consultations can also work well if they can be done when children are in bed – please contact your local consultant to find out their policy. 

As standard, your payment includes a space for up to two parents or carers for the same child or children. For instance, you and a partner or coparent, or you and a grandparent, or you and someone who regularly cares for your child/ren. This can include paid babysitters, childminders or nannies as long as their focus is on working with you to support your child’s needs.. Their focus must be on how to address the workshop or course topic with your child/ren. 

We don’t allow you to bring along a parent friend as your second adult, where their focus would be on how to approach the content with their own child. Please speak to your consultant before booking if you’re unsure, they will be happy to advise who a single booking covers..

Yes, absolutely! Everyone who runs our Parent Education Programmes is a Certified Parenting Consultant, meaning that they are able to offer bespoke sessions for individual families. 

There is, of course, a higher cost for private, bespoke services that can cover multiple specialists or topic areas within a specialism. This is because consultants spend a significant amount of time preparing for your consultation, in addition to the time spent with you in a single or multiple session appointment. Most offer some follow up support via email, phone or follow up session. Contact your chosen consultant to find out about their prices, and the services that they offer.

It is also possible to organise your own private group for a particular workshop or course. Consultants love this and will often offer you a discount for organising it for them, especially if you can also provide a suitable venue. This may be a large room in a home, or a hall or meeting space. Parents who have attended antenatal classes together often like to book joint courses or workshops as their babies tend to be at the same stage at similar times.

Please contact your local consultant for more information on private group workshops or one to one consultations.

Our consultants will have individual policies on this, which you can check before booking, but as a general rule, no. This is because consultants are unable to offer your missed class to anyone else, and will have overheads such as rent, refreshments, and time costs to recoup from the session, which will have been costed based on your attendance as per your booking.

Consultants may choose to offer you another place on a group course or workshop, but they are under no obligation to do this. Remember that most of our consultants are also parents running a small business to support other parents and their own families. 

If you have exceptional circumstances, talk to your consultant, they are all lovely and will do what they can to work with you and support you.