CalmFamily mentoring

What is the mentoring process

The mentoring process is an opportunity to receive one-to-one support from an experienced CalmFamily consultant or director. Mentoring offers the opportunity to reflect on your work, your strengths, your successes, the areas in which you feel less confident, and what you can change to improve.

Reflection, planning and continual adjustment and improvement of  your approach is key to an ongoing learning journey. This is something that we encourage consultants to undertake for themselves after every session. Mentoring offers you a chance to reflect in a safe relationship.

Each mentor has a different way of working, and will tailor their offering to your needs. Some may meet you regularly over a shorter period of time, or less frequently over a longer period, depending on the support that you agree.

Each mentor has a different skill set and approach. We suggest that you reflect on key areas of your CalmFamily work, parent support, or aspects of running your CalmFamily business on which you would like to focus to help you select the right mentor.  

Who can benefit from mentoring?

All CalmFamily trained consultants with a current consultant membership can sign up to our mentoring service. This means that whether you trained last week, or 5 years ago, you can build an ongoing relationship with a mentor and receive one-to-one support over an extended period in an area of your choice. 

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How mentoring works

Identify your areas for development​

Do you struggle with collaboration for solutions, and default towards directive advice? Are you trying to find your individual voice amongst other parent support services in your area? Do you want to work on your approach to running sessions online? Are you looking for support at improving your social media presence?​​

Peruse our mentors

Look at the mentoring tab on the profiles of our mentors, who you can find listed lower down on this page. This will cover their trained specialism, relevant experience, particular areas of interest, and other information that will help you to shortlist mentors who can help with your areas of concern. ​​

Talk to a mentor

Approach a mentor and discuss whether they have availability, how they can offer support, and over what time period or in what ways they offer their services. Decide whether this feels like a good fit.​​

Formally request mentoring​

When you find someone you want to work with, request mentoring. We suggest agreeing with them the duration, number of sessions or hours of support, and areas that you intend to cover.​​

Pay for mentoring

Send your mentor the fee of £149

Away you go

Begin your mentoring journey

Not necessarily a one-off

Support doesn't stop at the end of the final session. We support you through the assessment process, offer CPD several times a year, and have online consultant communities for peer support.

Reflecting, growing and developing together

Mentoring offers you  the opportunity to reflect, grow, and gain perspective on your approach. Continually developing and striving for excellence in a supportive relationship embodies our values of empathy, evidence, empowerment, equality and excellence.